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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Concerns?

The Boilermakers National Health & Welfare Fund provides a no-cost Amwell telehealth benefit allowing members to have electronic video visits with a doctor by using Amwell's website or mobile app.

Amwell doctors are available 24/7.

While a diagnosis of COVID-19 cannot be confirmed online or through the app, Amwell providers can evaluate your risk for the virus, answer questions, and recommend next steps.

This resource is also a great option for easy access to a physician for non-pandemic medical needs.

Please click on the image below to learn more now:
For 2023, monthly dues are $58.10 per month - payable by the first of each month.

For your convenience, click here to pay your dues online now.

1 $58.10
2 $116.20
3 $174.30
4 $232.40
5 $290.50
6 $348.60
7 $406.70
8 $464.80
9 $522.90
10 $581.00
11 $639.10
12 $697.20
Visit the Boilermaker Delivery System (BDS) website.
For your convenience, below please find listed some commonly requested phone numbers…

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 5, Zone 5 (Floral Park, NY)

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 5, Zone 7 (Orchard Park, NY)

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 5, Zone 175 (Oswego, NY)

Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 5, Zone 197 (Albany, NY)

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Boilermaker Pension, Annuity, and Health & Welfare Funds


Common Arc

Boilermakers NE Area Apprenticeship Committee

BNAP online LMS (Learning Management System) Curriculum ***(do NOT type www into a browser)***

National Labor Relations Board

New York Unemployment Benefits Office

TWIC Enrollment Center

Please click on the link below for printable versions of Boilermakers Health & Welfare Expense Claim Forms.

Medical Form

Dental Form

Vision Form

Express Scripts - Prescription Drug Claim Form

  Please click on the link below for printable versions of Boilermakers Apprenticeship Forms.

Work Reports

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Manuals

In this time of heightened national security, the Homeland Security Administration now requires ‘Transportation Worker Identification Credentials’ (TWIC™ cards) for workers in shipyards and other industrial facilities located in maritime areas of the country.

As Local Lodge No. 5 Boilermakers work in these facilities, we provide the following information regarding TWIC cards:

Please click here to find a TWIC Enrollment Center.

For additional information about the TWIC program, including enrollment forms, visit the Transportation Security Administration website.

Please note, there is an approximate turnaround of between six to eight weeks from enrollment to TWIC card activation.

To add TWIC information to a MOST-BDS profile, please submit card copies to the Local.
Make sure your voice is heard! It’s all up to you! Register to vote today!

You can register to vote by completing the New York State Voter Registration (CLICK HERE) form online.

The online form guides you through a simple step-by-step process to:
  • register to vote
  • change the name or address on your voter registration
  • become a member of a political party
  • change your party membership
To register, please remember you must:
  • be a US citizen
  • be 18 years old by the end of this year
  • not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction
  • not claim the right to vote elsewhere
The World Trade Center Health Program is here to help if you have questions about eligibility, applications, or benefits.

Call or send an e-mail to connect with someone from the Program. You can also write a letter to the Administrator using the mailing address below. Mail is the best option if you would like a formal response from the Program regarding your question or concern.

Help Line:
Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST

[email protected]
Please allow up to two business days for replies.

World Trade Center Health Program
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
395 E Street, S.W., Suite 9200
Washington , DC 20201